The Human Condition

The human condition of suffering is born out of identification with thoughts and emotions.
Just as Earth is orbited by the Moon – which symbolises reflection – so humans are potentially bound in the orbit of self-reflective or self-conscious intelligence. Unless we are present, whatever we perceive (as sensory information, thoughts and emotions) is almost instantly mirrored back to us, as a subtly compelling narrative – my life.
The human condition is a world of perspective; viewing things from one position or another. It is identification with self-conscious experience, to the exclusion of what is actually happening: a personalised mental-emotional dream world, which is habitually imposed upon pure experience.

There is no problem with the reflection principle itself, only in identification with it.
Look through the mirror: see life as it is. Just as we are now able to fly beyond the gravity of Earth, past the Moon into outer space, so it is possible for us to pass through the subtle mirror of self-reflection into the freedom of being, or inner space.

As you remain submerged in the warm aliveness of your body from head to feet and perceive experience holistically, there is no perspective to take. The paradox of Innersense is that when I am present in my body, it dissolves into the experiential whole. Am I looking out or in? Where am I? I am now here – nowhere. Perception requires no perspective.
Remember to smile with your whole body.

Self Development