The Great Illusion

The Great Illusion: you are a separate entity in a separate world with a past and future.

Only the whole is real – nothing and everything now. You are the whole; indivisible, limitless, timeless Presence manifesting present experience.
The appearance of sequential experience is made possible by the human brain’s ability to project different levels of contextual experience (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) simultaneously.

Whatever painful experiences you had in the past (or may be having now), in reality you have always been and are free now, untainted and whole. The more you identify with any kind of identity – personal, national, spiritual etc. – the more you are limited to it and obscure your true reality.
Let go; surrender into Innersense as you witness everything just as you did as a baby, happening for the first time.

Take delight in witnessing your human experience as it really is: sights, sounds, sensations, tastes and smells all in their place within you – no separation, only diversity in wholeness. Let thoughts and emotions be; see them as you see the shifting patterns of the weather in nature – natural phenomena which have their place in the whole. Remain anchored in Innersense – all senses engaged and experienced as one, impersonally open in the appearance of space around you.

Whatever you’re feeling emotionally, whether it’s fear, anger, lust, doubt, arrogance, greed, apathy or anything else, sink into open Innersense all the way down to your feet and see that the feeling, no matter how strong it is, is allowed to dissipate in the openness of your Presence. Remain open, seeing life as it is, rather than identifying with one small aspect of experience. Even though emotions can feel so powerful and often overpowering, in truth they are simply aspects of experience, no more important than anything else.

Allow the whole to be as it is. If this means that you observe yourself becoming identified with emotion, or get caught up in resistance of it (another form  of identification), that’s fine. Let your eyes, nose, mouth and ears relax. Let your chest open and belly soften. See that life is always happy to take the pain of identification back into its flow, drawing it effortlessly into the unconditional ocean of itself.

Already Free