Self Development

There are no separate selves to develop. The more you invest in the idea that you have work to do in order to be happy, the more you identify with the imagined problem that you seek to overcome. Like a donkey chasing a carrot on the end of a stick, you never quite get there; the end (of suffering) remaining tantalisingly out of reach.
You are not the result of upbringing, conditioning, past lives or anything else. You are and have always been unknowable, formless, limitless, timeless Presence, containing and infusing every aspect of experience, while remaining untouched by it. You are immanent: indwelling, unknowable Source at the root of all things, now and transcendent.

The new age fascination with past lives is another aspect of the endless loop of self-identification. It is true that all new mineral, plant and animal bodies consist of elements that have been part of past experience and are therefore influenced by the habits formed by that experience.
In the case of humans, identification with the self-reflection principle gives rise to little i consciousness. Little i automatically identifies with everything in its experience as mine – “my life and my experience”. There is the idea of my soul incarnating through various lives until I reach this present life. This thinking is mechanical: there is no original separate entity thinking, just a mental commentary automatically reflecting upon experience.
Free yourself from the bondage of this unoriginal, machine like consciousness and open now into the solution of present experience contained within and infused with Presence.

Open up in smiling Innersense, free and formless in the space around you. Let go of your body: perceive it as another aspect of holistic experience, as you settle back into your place, now, here or nowhere.

If you enjoy meditation, yoga, martial arts, healing, ritual, divination and other activities for their own sakes, continue to enjoy them, but let go of the need to improve yourself in order to be happy. Listen in to your body and surrender to its natural intelligence.

It is a fact that bodies are conditioned by experience and can take on negative, destructive habits, which we can best do without. However real healing takes places not through identification with perceived ‘problems’ in order to overcome them, but by relaxing into the natural whole and allowing its holistic intelligence to heal itself.
As we surrender in Innersense healing takes place effortlessly. It may be that the body simply sheds internal tensions, which have been holding old patterns in place. Or we may manifest helpful people, animals, plants or minerals.
Life is self-regulating, dynamic and constantly updating and creating better and more optimal expressions of itself. Given the chance, it will always delight us with its effortlessness, simplicity and grace.
Be in Innersense now and witness your body smiling as you allow it to function without impairment and control.

Golden Light Invocation