The fundamental way of relationship is love and kindness. By being loving and kind, Life – my experiential self – opens up and I experience oneness and harmony. Whether I’m responding to a condition within my body, mental-emotional stream, other people, animals or anything else, unless I am loving and kind, I create division and disharmony.

Yin Yang

Love and kindness are oneness in action; the honouring of an other as it is. When I communicate purely with fear, anger, jealousy or any personal centred emotion, I’m demonstrating the condition of my own divided nature.
All emotional communication is based on the thought-feeling of the other, rather than pure response to what is now. It is very important to understand and make this a part of you. The price of being ‘right’ is damnation, the cutting off of oneself from life now, to exist in the prison of (imagined) separation.

It is not possible to respond with love and kindness unless I’m embedded in Innersense. All emotional communication betrays a bias towards top heaviness, or absence of full body awareness. Whenever you feel a painful emotion or experience a limiting thought, respond by dropping your smiling awareness into your body, down to your legs and feet. See how you feel about the emotion or thought now. If you’re truly aware of the subtle warm smiling internal presence of your body down to your feet (Innersense), you’ll notice that the thought or emotion is no longer a problem. Your smiling awareness has transmuted the thought or emotion into love.