Purpose comes from the words pure pose, which describe being one with body and experience. As I take responsibility for my being, my body’s intelligence takes care of its purpose.
Human Beings have the gift of responsibility; the ability to respond to life consciously, free from the limitations of past conditioning. This is accessed by being my ‘pure-pose’ – being anchored in Innersense, open in the space around me. Only in Innersense am I free of the emotional past.

The legend of Excalibur tells us that only the true king (or queen) can pull the sword from the stone. The sword represents the mind and the stone, the body. When the mind is identified with the body, it will never be free of the body’s limitations. The sword is constantly blunted by cutting into imagined problems.
When the labelling faculty of the mind is transcended, it becomes razor sharp and is able to cut through any question, to the solution. When not needed the mind remains sheathed in the body, alert yet still.
Pulling the sword from the stone is a metaphor for being able to reason and act authentically without emotional identification. It is the ability to be my purpose or pure pose, so that my body can act spontaneously and authentically moment to moment, unhindered by the past.