Jasper Neil Beechwood

My mother once told me that I was very happy as a baby. Around the age of two, that wonderful, natural, effortless happiness became obscured as I started to become Neil, with his mother, father and sister (with another on the way). Thus began pain and separation.
Years later I remembered her words; it felt as if my body wanted me to explore their meaning and implication and this is what I’ve been doing ever since.

Like many people living the so called spiritual life, I’ve done some crazy things in the search for inner peace.
When I first became aware of meditation and spirituality in general, I took to it like a duck to water. I had a teacher – Barry Long – whose seminars I avidly attended. Meditation was a joy and I discovered a deep love for Mother Earth and a gift for hands on healing.
After working for 6 years as a self-employed music promoter in London, I began to get bored with the indie music I was showcasing and longed to travel.
Giving everything up including flat and car, I flew to India for the first time, on a voyage of further self-discovery. I fully expected to spend 6 months there and return to England as a successful healer – the next stage of the master plan after music promotion. Instead I became sick as something got into my body and remained after I returned home.

I bought a cheap car and vowed to keep driving south west until I found a new place to settle. After sleeping rough and in my car (it was a beautiful summer) I arrived in Boscastle, Cornwall and soon found a lovely tiny cottage high up on the cliffs. Days were spent wandering the gorgeous, wild countryside along coast paths and inland through enchanted woods and valleys.
I became obsessed with healing the India condition which had settled in the digestive system and subjected myself to all kinds of detoxes, regimes and way out treatments over the next 15 years.
Many travels, trials and adventures followed until eventually the penny of self-acceptance dropped. I realized I’d been trying to fix myself; that I’d been sending a consistent message to my body that there was something wrong with it.Arundhati Cave 2013
I realized fully that the body’s natural intelligence (unconscious mind) has no choice but to act upon those things I was focusing upon, either consciously or subconsciously. Prior to this, I was aware of this fact but an arrogance always assumed it could direct the body on its (the control of the conscious mind) terms.
Tremendous relief in body and mind followed, as all the things I thought I needed to accomplish before I could be well were surrendered. Immediately the body’s wisdom kicked in and effortless healing began.
As I remain open in soft bellied Innersense, pain and other ‘unpleasant’ sensations are no longer consciously or subconsciously made ‘mine’. When identification ceases nothing is left and yet life continues, richer than ever.


I’m most happy living a nomadic life, settling down for a while and then moving on to discover pastures new or old hunting grounds I’ve come to love.
Having spent much energy on trying to control my life, health, wealth and everything else, I’ve come to see that love and kindness are what really matter.
In the state of acceptance of what is, Universal Intelligence is allowed to work its magic unhindered by the past-limited conditions imposed upon it by personal identification. This is love and kindness: the effortless flowing forth of new experience, fueled from within by conscious unconditional acceptance of ‘my life’.


At the end of 2013 I formally changed my name to Jasper Neil Beechwood. The name Jasper brings more power into my life and numerologically complements my original name very well. I feel very good about the change and feel its positive effects!

If you’d like to know more about your own unique and special Life Path, I also offer one to one Numerology Life Readings on Skype. You can read about numerology and the sessions here: https://jaspernumerology.com