Nature is our nature. By carrying the unnecessary burden of a separate historical self, we insulate ourselves from our natural state, which is to be happy, healthy and blessed with natural abundance.

From a purely spiritual point of view it can be said that we have no nature; that we are formless and nameless. This is true, but while we rigidly identify with it and remain unaware of, or simply ignore the biofeedback of our bodies, we suffer unnecessarily.
It is no longer enough to have an intellectual spiritual understanding of existence; or even to have surpassed understanding in apparent surrender. This kind of spiritual realization is one-sided; biased towards the grasp of masculine-orientated conceptual intelligence.
The feminine feeling intelligence of nature is now awakening and it is not interested in anything less than fully conscious, joyful experience.

As I surrender into Innersense I notice that certain activities no longer feel good. These include smoking, drinking to excess, eating food which my body does not naturally desire (including ‘healthy’ food), over eating, habitual drug taking, sitting too long at the computer, watching TV, paying attention to the mainstream media, not exercising, complaining, gossiping and judging.

I find that it feels wonderful to be in nature. I notice the trees, flowers, sky, clouds, birds, animals, plants, mountains, lakes, rivers, sea and stars, as well as the space that contains them, so much more. My heart sings its positive recognition within and my whole body opens and smiles.
I feel a desire to share conscious human Presence in nature, in realization of the real role for human beings on Earth. We are stewards of the Earth, here to compliment and complement her natural beauty.

Innersense is the way of wholeness. It brings me back in touch with the Divine Feminine; out of the head and into the body, to experience unconditional Life.
I delight in walking barefoot on the blessed Earth, swimming in her lakes, rivers and seas, walking her plains and forests, climbing her hills and mountains, for the sheer joy of being alive. At home my body is naked, unencumbered by the self-conscious burden of clothing, glowing in its liberation.

Innersense is the way of Health and healing. As I open in smiling, belly-centred Innersense and delight in my connection with nature, I observe the selfish story of ‘my’ past withering away. I come to realize that the past is literally a multi-storeyed conglomeration of thoughts identified with emotions. The historical self is a lie and its time is up.

Trust in the innate healing power of nature. Let go of the need to heal who you think you are with therapies which address and work through ‘problems’. The real you is unknowable Presence, unconditionally open right now to your unique human experience. Release the garbage of the past and throw yourself wholeheartedly into Presence; every sense engaged as one in Innersense. Allow life to take its natural course and feel the gratitude that arises effortlessly within, as you step out of the prison of a personal life into the freedom of action in Presence.