Love is the willingness to surrender into the mystery of Presence; the sacrifice of the separate self, to see everything as it is – perfect.

Be in the state of love and gratitude. See how you feel right now when you silently say “thank you” and “I love you” within your body – keep repeating the words until you feel an internal positive response. You don’t necessarily need a reason to offer gratitude and love; the giving alone ensures that you are in the state – your natural state.
Offer love and gratitude within to emotional and physical pain, but don’t get into a relationship with any aspect of your internal experience, as this perpetuates thoughts and feelings of separation.  Simply by impersonally and unconditionally loving and thanking your body within, you allow pain and negativity to be healed and released.
When you feel love and gratitude for somebody or thing, feel the giving with your whole body, anchored in Innersense.

In times of fear, anger, worry etc., see that what you really are – nothing and everything – is allowing everything to be as it is, in all its apparent conflict and contradiction. This is true, otherwise the experience wouldn’t be happening.
Let go – surrender into Innersense, relaxing head, shoulders, chest, belly, arms, hands, legs and feet all together. Be open in the space around you – be formless. Allow resistance and every attempt of the habitual past ‘you’ to justify the situation, as you remain open in Innersense. By being open in Innersense, the old in you – the suffering – is automatically immolated in the fire of Presence and present, new experience – no effort is required.

Feel your eyes, ears, nostrils and the corners of your mouth relaxing. This is ‘the reconciliation of opposites’ and greatly helps to calm mental and emotional activity. Experiment with laying your palms on opposite sides of your body; you can cross arms over your chest and lay your palms on your breast area. You can also cross arms over your abdomen, so your right palm is over your stomach and left over your liver.
Experiment in this way and see how you feel; it is likely that you’ll experience growing inner peace and calm as your body’s energies are harmonized.

Remember to feel the inner presence of your legs and feet.