Innocence is Innersense

Innersense is all senses engaged and experienced as one – the natural human state. When we see, listen, feel, taste, smell and smile with the subtle, warm, open, impersonal aliveness of the whole body we are in Innersense. There is no concept of time and no separation; only fullness in emptiness, or wholeness in open awareness.
Innersense is the innocence of babies, before becoming adulterated by the human condition. It remains the ground of our being; the unheard and unseen silent Presence which pervades every aspect of experience.

Be aware of the subtle presence of your body from head to feet, open in its warm aliveness. Let the body be as it is, witnessing its immediate open, formless, overall sensation as one with the whole of your experience.

Smile as if you’re smiling inside the feeling of your whole body. Our sense of humour is an essential human sense, along with sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and intuition and is the primary manifestation of the shining Presence we really are.

Innersense is immediate experience. As you’re aware of the overall subtle, tingly aliveness of your body and your whole sensory experience, notice that there is no distinction between either – everything is one. It’s as if you’re seeing and listening with your whole body and your body itself is a formless field of aliveness, not separate in any way from its environment. You are fully present in your body, but not limited to it.
In fact everything is in you; you are one with your body and experience, yet transcend it all. You are the unknowable origin of all things; here, now as always, absolutely present, though completely hidden from any perspective of experience, as you have no form. It could be said that the Universe is your game – hide and seek with imaginary aspects of yourself. You’ll never find yourself in experience because you’re already absolutely here, not in or out there.

Babies are effortlessly centred in the body’s natural centre of gravity; the place the Chinese call the lower tan tien. This is located about 2 inches below and 1 inch in from the navel, level with the hip bones. Being centred in the tan tien ensures that every aspect of the body’s intelligence works harmoniously together and we experience this as feeling naturally positive and happy. We are able to ride the waves of emotion and winds of thought, which are part of the human experience, while remaining calm and unattached.

As we mature into young children and learn language, we begin to view aspects of our present, holistic experience as separate objects. Also around this time our emotional response becomes stronger and we start to become conditioned by our parents’ ideas of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ emotions. We learn to tense up internally around ‘bad’ emotions in resistance to them and ‘good’ emotions in an attempt to prolong them. This causes us to shift our internal focus upwards away from the lower tan tien, to whichever emotion we are feeling. We begin to define ourselves through the emotions we feel and lose touch with the peace of our being.

When we are centred in the belly, our breathing is natural, easy and relaxed. The belly is the bellows of the body, designed to gently expand and contract, to draw air in and out of the lungs. As our centre of awareness is raised into the solar plexus or chest, breathing is adversely affected and this in turn has a negative effect upon our mental, emotional and physical state.

Our bodies learn at an early age to overcompensate for internal imbalances and as a result, we habitually carry unnecessary tension. This means the body’s energy is unable to flow freely, which in turn disrupts its effortless, open, unique, creative and joyful expression.
Much of the unhappiness of the human condition is simply the result of not being fully ‘in our bodies’.  When I am present in Innersense, I am one with my body, while remaining free from identification with it.

Relax into belly centred Innersense. There is nothing to do or manipulate, simply the non-invasive re-training of your body’s intelligence back into its natural state.
Don’t try to control your breathing in any way. By relaxing your awareness into the lower belly you allow the body to remember its natural breathing rhythm. Let the body breathe itself – it knows best.

Bring awareness into your belly by placing the palm of one of your hands over it. You can also try one palm over the other.
This exercise is invaluable for training your body’s intelligence to return to its natural centre, rather than habitually identifying with whichever emotion is present.

You can also place your other palm over your chest. The chest is designed to be open, to allow emotional energy generated by the internal organs to be released harmlessly from the body. When the chest is closed, the solar plexus area becomes a kind of pressure cooker and we stew in our emotions. This is a very unpleasant aspect of the human condition and can be overcome simply by bringing awareness and energy into the belly and chest.

As you begin to experience from Innersense, remain aware of the ‘big picture’ of experience – everything including body appearing in your awareness. This prevents you from overly identifying with the body, which causes tension and anxiety. These unpleasant sensations are nature’s way of indicating to you that something is wrong; that the energy of life is being dammed, instead of being allowed to flow in its own natural way.

Don’t think about this, as thinking is abstraction or conceptualisation. The purpose of thought is to take things out of context of the whole. This is very useful when solving a practical problem such as working out an itinerary, but is superfluous to perception itself.
Do you see that normal human perception is loaded down with concepts which are habitually applied to experience? Do you see that in the absence of these concepts or thought forms, you are naked, innocent Presence?

Be easy: keep your nose and belly 100% relaxed and chest open.

Deepening in Innersense