i to I

In the English language we use the letter I to describe the subject. It can be written in two ways: i and I.
Little i elegantly symbolises normal human intelligence; the little separate me, living in its separate world. The dot represents a head and the line, a body. Not only are they separate, but the body has no feet. This symbolises its separation from the whole.
Big I symbolises Innersense or full body awareness. There is no separation between any part of the body, which is one with the whole through every aspect of itself. This is Innersense.

As you relax in Innersense ensure that your neck and throat are relaxed. This helps to remove unnecessary tension between the head and the rest of the body and allows the body’s holistic intelligence to work more effectively. It also relaxes the communication centre, which in turn calms down mental communication, or thinking.

We could describe the subject I, as Spiritual Masculine and all objective experience (the Universe), as Spiritual Feminine. Spiritual Masculine is Universal Intelligence, or Conscious Mind. Spiritual Feminine is Universal Nature, or Unconscious Mind. Mind is all.

I am Presence – the ‘son’ of non-being. Presence and Mind are one and the same. Beyond Mind there is nothing that can in any way be described, though the term non-being is used to (inadequately) describe ‘it’.
I am whole, undifferentiated and perfect. I have no need of experience as I am all possibilities and outcomes now. I am complete.
The Universe is my echo. I alone am real.

Intelligence is Nature in potential; Nature is Intelligence in action. They are one and the same; two sides of the same coin. Separation is only an abstraction of thought.
Spiritual Feminine gives birth to two opposing forces – yang and yin, which can also be described as the archetypal qualities of masculine and feminine. All experience is the interplay of these two great principles, observed by and filled with the unconditional Presence of Universal Intelligence.

Innersense is the way of wholeness – masculine and feminine in union. Be like big I, fully immersed in and around your body from head to feet, effortlessly perceiving life as one.
While you remain the formless, embodied witness of experience, you transcend masculine and feminine, but enjoy the fruits of their union – peace, happiness and love.

I am Presence: the Sun or Son of non-being. Just as the sun is at the centre of the solar system, I am the sun at the centre of the system of my body, fully immersed within it, but not of it. This is not a physical location in a particular part of the body, but rather the Solar Systemcomplete entering and filling of the whole body. It feels as if every atom of every cell is shining with Presence – a lightness, expansiveness, openness, oneness with all things.
Be the sun of yourself, observing mental, emotional and physical expression without identification. See that as you remain unconditionally submerged in your body and open in the space around you, the body smiles as a response. Let go of trying to change yourself in any way; allow happiness to arise as a response to your Presence.

Until now it’s likely that you’ve been identified with one aspect or another of experience. Normal ‘little i’ thinking habitually identifies with a problem in order to overcome it, not realizing that identification is what keeps the problem alive. Unconditional Presence effortlessly opens blockages of energy, which facilitates Life’s natural movement towards happiness, health and wealth.

Remain submerged in your body whatever you’re feeling. Don’t be fooled by the mechanical impulse to be pulled into experience. Remain open, formless and free, giving your experience what it truly desires from you – unconditional Presence.

There is no mind, only Mind

Just as little i is really an abstraction of thought, so the mind itself is a thought.
It has been taken for granted that the mind is some kind of function or entity, which is responsible for thinking. When we intelligently examine what the mind really is, we can see that it is a concept, or thought itself. As we go deeper and question, “who is thinking?”, the answer is “I am”. Going still deeper we ask, “who am I”? In the absence of identification with the body or any other concept, the answer is that I too, am a thought.
Once even I have been seen through as an objective thought, what is left? It is the realisation that there is no thinker, only thoughts and that thoughts arise from silence.
Non-being is your true nature.

It is not possible to fully describe the Truth in words, but they can point the way. Lao Tzu eloquently explained this as “The Tao that can be spoken of, is not the everlasting Tao”. Buddha said “The speech that can be spoken is not the true speech. So, I have no recourse but to lie to you.”
The spiritual paradox is that while seeing and realizing that I am no thing and nothing is Smiling Buddhaarising, I am everything and everything is arising by itself.

Smile and relax into Innersense.