Health is the natural union of Conscious and Unconscious; the fruit of unconditional Presence. Life as a whole is always in the state of health.
Disease and death are the necessary factors of decay and regeneration, which ensure continuing adaptability, growth, increased vitality and the awakening of intelligence. The natural Unconscious unfoldment of life passes through many stages, but its holistic underlying state is always one of health.

By focusing upon aspects of disease or pain, I limit myself to them, inhibiting the natural tendency of my body towards health and balance. I am Presence: limitless, free and unbound by experience. Present in my body, I allow life’s healthy process to unfold naturally.

Smiling Innersense is your optimum state and also your greatest tool for wellness. Get out of the way of your body’s natural desire for health. Give up the futile and frustrating focus upon symptoms and relax in smiling Innersense.
Remember to smile with your whole body.

i l e n t
r e s e n t
w a r e n e s s
u r e s
v e r y t h i n g

Healthy Humans

In order for us to be in the state of radiant spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health it is necessary for us to surrender identification with thoughts and emotions – the personal self – and live in open, conscious Innersense.
As we hold onto identification within, we disrupt the free flowing nature of our bodies’ energy systems and this leaves us open to exploitation by opportunistic organisms, such as pathogenic bacteria, yeasts and parasites.

Parasitic organisms – physical and non-physical – have been preying upon humans since our appearance on Earth. They affect every aspect of our lives, including diet, living habits, moods and behaviour and help to keep us locked into the vicious cycle of the human condition.

Personal identification leads to a stagnation of energy within the body; as we habitually personalise emotions, the body’s natural energy flow is impeded. This stagnation causes a build up of toxic deposits, which attract and encourage the proliferation of parasitic organisms.
These organisms are masters at self-concealment. Their low, survival based vibration has a profoundly negative effect upon the host and encourages it to eat, feel and behave in ways which support them. They manipulate the host’s internal chemical environment, keeping it subservient to their will; it is as if they are farming the host, albeit unconsciously.

If you experience habitual emotional negativity, tiredness, lack of enthusiasm, mood swings, cravings (food, nicotine, alcohol, drugs, sex) and chronic health conditions, it is likely that your body is affected by parasitic organisms. You may wish to undergo a detox, as well as use anti-parasite and anti-fungal herbs, colloidal silver and parasite zappers.

In order to be free of the influence of parasitic organisms it is essential that we become conscious, particularly of the food we eat and how we eat it. Your body does not naturally desire junk foods – these feed the human condition, not a healthy, happy body. In addition, many so called healthy foods are not necessarily healthy for you.

It’s time now to honour the natural intelligence of the human body; to listen to its biofeedback (the way we feel) and allow changes to be made for the better.
It is vitally important to listen to your body, not the ‘experts’. Many such experts are recommending completely contradictory diets as perfect for humans. Only your body knows and now is the time to relax into it; to remain surrendered in Innersense.

  • Relax your breath
  • Eat natural, fresh, food
  • Drink clean energized water
  • Be in nature
  • Be naked when you can
  • Exercise in the best way for you – not too little or much
  • Smile and laugh
  • Get up and go to bed early when possible
  • Stretch your body
  • Be kind

Your body loves to exercise, particularly in nature, so get into the positive and enjoyable habit of exercising outside every day. Many chronic health conditions can be cleared simply by making more oxygen available to your body, through moderate to vigorous exercise. When you combine this with being in nature, your body comes alive and your enthusiasm for life along with it.

Crossing over and harmonizing your body’s energies

By holding the left side of each part of your body (different parts of head and face, neck, shoulders, torso, hips, arms, hands / palms, legs, feet) with your right hand and vice versa, you allow each aspect of your body’s intelligence to harmonize and work together. You can also cross over your legs. Experiment with left over right and right over left arm and leg.
You can do this informally throughout the day and also as you sit in meditation. It is a very powerful practice, which effortlessly facilitates peace, health and harmony.