Happiness is smiling Innersense. It is the pleasure of being.

Although we can feel emotionally happy, real happiness is not an emotion. Emotions are part of our Earth nature and like the weather, can be unreasonable and unpredictable, shifting from one extreme to another. This is not to say that emotions are bad in any way, but so long as we limit our happiness to their expression, we cannot be truly happy.
When I identify with a so called positive emotion associated with somebody or something, it is inevitable that I will have to experience the polar opposite, or so called negative emotion. To most people this is just the way things are and far preferable to the imagined blandness of living without emotional attachment. However until we are ready to perceive life as it is, free from the familiar perspective of past experience and the subconscious need for emotional fix, we are damned to continue to re-tread old ground, masquerading as new experience.

In order to enjoy true happiness (which I’ll now simply call happiness), we must know how to taste it.
Happiness is quiet and subtle; the ever present unobtrusive pleasure of our own being. It is deeper than the coarser, familiar feelings of emotion and remains hidden while we’re fixed upon them. It is smiling for no reason, as an overall smiling Innersense. It is abiding in this inner smile and allowing it percolate into the deepest aspects of our nature. It is being able to smile inwardly while we feel the uncompromising, elemental force of emotion and allowing the emotion to be as it is, without the need to express or suppress it.

When we abide in this simple smiling Innersense, it deepens and matures into a rich, authentic presence, with no limit to its depth. It’s up to us: where do we rest our awareness -in shifting emotions, or deeper in smiling Innersense? Happiness is a choice.

Happiness and emotions are like food. Until we can learn to enjoy the natural taste of happiness, it’s likely that we’ll simply find it too bland. We’ll keep craving the grosser emotional flavours that we’ve become attached to.
Happiness needs no reason – it is the natural fragrance of smiling Innersense.

Everything we do is done to bring us happiness. Cut out the middle man of experience and smile and be happy now. Don’t try to change any conflicting emotions or thoughts – simply smile because it feels good.
Let go of any habitual reluctance to smile in public, for fear of standing out and being judged. Step through this fear and smile for the sake of it. You’ll soon see how magnetic and contagious a smile can be, as others mirror back to you their innate happiness.