To those who are ungrounded, much of what I describe in this site can seem annoyingly simplistic, with no basis in the ‘real world’. This so called real world is the thought created super-structure (literally, the world) which parasitically feeds off and demeans Earth, our home.

It is absolutely essential for humans to be grounded – physically connected to Earth – in order to be whole, happy, healthy and wealthy. Without a daily, consistent connection to Earth, we begin to float upwards into the limbo of chronic thinking and can experience all kinds of physical complaints. A lack of grounding causes inflammation in the body and this is the primary cause of disease.
With the best will in the world, spiritual practice, good diet and exercise many people are still overwhelmed by chronic low level health.
As we connect physically to Earth by sitting on the ground, walking barefoot and sleeping earthed, our bodies are allowed to connect to the power source and intelligence of nature. We start to notice a more fully embodied awareness and move around more slowly and consciously. Thoughts and emotions ground like lightning down the body and into the Earth as they arise.

When we are earthed and exposed to natural light, our bodies begin to feed on prana – the fundamental energy of nature.

Be earthed – your sanity and happiness depend upon it