Deepening in Innersense

The way of Innersense is the Natural way. It is being in your body but not of it; allowing its wonderful natural intelligence to flow effortlessly.
Your body knows how to be born, how to die, respond to danger, which foods are best for it, how to eat and digest food, breathe, sleep, communicate, exercise, heal, make love, adapt to new situations, learn new skills and everything else that it ever needs to do.
The body’s intelligence views nothing as personal or ‘mine’ and is naturally one with its environment, no matter how new it might seem.

Your body loves your inner smiling Presence. Get into the habit of smiling inside your body and see how it responds. To your body an inner smile is like the sun shining;  it clears away clouds of fear, doubt, anger etc and softens the unnecessary tension associated with emotional identification.
Notice when you react to your own or other peoples’ behaviour with judgement. Smile inside your body and within the feeling of emotional struggle, without trying to change anything. Demonstrate to your body’s intelligence that you are benign, in your unconditional smiling Presence.
By being the smiling sun of yourself, you effortlessly and non-invasively facilitate the metamorphosis of old limiting patterns back into your authentic natural response.

As I deepen in belly centred Innersense, I notice an overall relaxing of my whole body, particularly in the belly, chest, shoulders and eyes. I notice that it feels good to be aware of natural light and colour and pay less attention to individual form, opening up instead to a relaxed, overall awareness of what is seen.
I begin to realize that my human body is my greatest teacher and am happy to be in a state of listening to its biofeedback. Being open, expansive and present simply feels right, whereas being tense, cramped, closed and taking things personally doesn’t.

Let both of your eyes completely relax together now. Each eye is a portal to different aspects of your body’s natural intelligence – your left eye represents more intuitive and your right eye more rational intelligence. Unnecessary tension held in either eye causes a bias towards certain ingrained ways of reacting to experience. Let what is seen be perceived through relaxed and happy eyes.
Feel as if the passages of your ears are opening up right the way inside your head. Again as with your eyes (and each complementary part of your body – nostrils, corners of your mouth, arms, hands, legs, feet etc.), each ear is an opening to different aspects of your body’s intelligence.
Let the masculine and feminine, rational and intuitive aspects of your intelligence complement rather than antagonize each other, by remaining in conscious, smiling, relaxed Innersense.

Remember to remain completely submerged in the overall aliveness of your body, open in the space around you. Let life be, unfolding as it does all by itself – a one-derful sensory movie, pulsing and flowing effortlessly.
See that everything is allowed to be simultaneously; all experience, including resistance – everything contained and allowed in the Presence that you are.

You are absolutely whole and in reality have always unconditionally allowed every moment of your life, no matter how hard it may have seemed from personal perspective. Personal experience always turns bad, because it is not real. Investment in something that isn’t real invites the interest of suffering.
Only nothing (the Presence that you are) and everything (your whole experiential self) are real.

It has been said by many great spiritual teachers that existence itself is not real. While this may in essence be the truth, it is not particularly practical if rigidly adhered to.
In seeing that all is real, all are honoured and we are authentic not just in spiritual rhetoric, but also in body and action.

The Great Illusion