Being The Witness

When we experience life from belly centred Innersense, we access true seeing. We’re aware that everything is happening by itself, including body movement, feeling and thought. We come to see that life’s unconscious flow is unfolding naturally out of itself, each moment giving birth to the next; absolutely impersonal and whole despite appearances of  individual forms.

This seeing is ‘being the witness’. There is no ongoing separate person to take ownership of experience. Thoughts and feelings of attachment can arise, but they are witnessed as part of the whole of experience, rather than ‘mine’.

Be one with your body, anchored in its warm, open aliveness from head to feet. Let go of the subtle habit of imagining yourself from the outside as a separate entity and embed yourself fully in the free flowing energetic presence of your body, fully open to what is seen and heard now.

If you find that you’ve been caught up in separation, immediately surrender into the wholeness of the body, open its environment. Let the belly soften and give up ownership of experience. Don’t be fooled by judgemental thoughts. These are just habitual remnants of past self-conscious experience; purely automatic reactions to familiar situations.
You are the witness of experience, ever free of its effects. Give experience what it really wants from you: the unconditional awareness that you are.