Already Free

Your real state of immediate Presence is not dependent in any way upon your experience. Whether you experience happiness or unhappiness, health or disease, wealth or poverty, that which you really are remains untouched by it. You are the seer of experience, including body, thoughts, emotions and concepts like the mind, soul and spirit body.

No spiritual practice can reach enlightenment, as it is not a thing to be reached, but already here as your true nature, hidden by identification with objective (which includes the subject) experience. All spiritual experience is seen by the awakened seer as being no different or separate from any other experience. Continue to meditate and do any spiritual practice if you enjoy it for its own sake, but let go of subtle underlying wanting to be more than you already are.

What we desire more than anything else is wholeness; the joke when we realize it, is that we are already and have always been whole. Whatever success or failure we have experienced is purely that: experience, with the experiencer being part of the experience.

Relax into the spiritual paradox that while there is nothing that can be done to make you more whole – that you’re perfect already – you can still live your human experience consciously with love and kindness. This is living in smiling Innersense; being one with life and listening to and honouring your body’s natural wisdom. Your body is really a temple; to be inhabited by you – pure, unconditional Presence – and to be kept clean within and without, so that your experience is effortless and filled with joy.
Let your eyes relax and let your body remember to keep them relaxed, as seeing through tense eyes is seeing through the filter of the past. Allow all of your sense organs – eyes, ears, nose. mouth and skin – to be soft and relaxed and perceive life as it is, fresh and new now.

Set yourself free from the subtle underlying anxiety which is a part of living in the future; the habit of slavishly fixing (like a drug) upon emotion associated with happiness as a result of future outcome. This can manifest as wanting more confidence, abundance, social acceptance or any of the conditions associated with being personally successful. While you persist in investing in personal-emotional identity, you miss the real, unconditional happiness of your being now. The irony is that out of the unconditional Presence of your being, the wholeness you truly desire – unconditioned by family, media and society values – manifests effortlessly.

Notice when you feel impatience, or any kind of longing for future experience. By ransoming yourself to the feeling of future happiness you remain its hostage, unable to relax into your ever present wholeness now. The future is a rerun of the past; something we imagine will happen based upon what we think we know.
Living in the idea and feeling of the past and future is slavery. As we dwell in this internal bondage, so we manifest it as frustrating and limiting experience. This is why it is so important to keep your sense organs relaxed, so they can perceive fresh experience, free from past personal identification.

Remember to remain belly centred in Innersense.