The Universe is Mind – the potential of the ‘I’ thought in action. Located within the human brain is a Mind guidance system, the Third Eye or Pineal gland and the secret to manifestation of desire lies within it.

The function of the Third Eye is to initiate manifestation of archetypal forms from the unseen, but ever present spiritual world (Plato’s non-material world of ideas) into sensory experience.

People who are able to effortlessly manifest their desires habitually operate from the frontal lobes of their brains. Others who find life a struggle tend to be controlled by the limbic lobe. Until now most people have carried unconscious tension in their foreheads and eyes, which effectively stymies the function of the Third Eye.

When you feel anxiety or any ‘negative’ emotion, become aware of the sensation within your brain. As you become more aware of this subtle inner sensation, you’ll notice a discordant excitation in the middle to rear part of the brain and tension in the frontal lobes.
Until now you have been perversely enjoying – albeit unconsciously – this drug-like rush of emotion. In so doing you have cut yourself off from the fullness of life’s rich unfoldment and have suffered from frustration and self-judgement as a result.
This is the nagging reproach of the unconscious – its challenge to you to awaken and fill your body with Presence and remain in Innersense, so that life’s natural process can continue unhindered.

When we allow the frontal lobes of the brain and eyes to remain relaxed, something magical happens. The blueprints for our desires flow like a waterfall from the Third Eye down into the heart centre, where they are condensed energetically into the feeling of gratitude. From here gratitude flows down into the belly, where the abdominal brain (the Magician Rider Waiteseat of the unconscious) condenses it further and hard wires it into the body as programs for new experience. 
This whole process is effortless and automatic; it simply requires the forehead and eyes, chest and belly to remain relaxed.

The ancients were aware that circuits of intelligence orbit the body. One of these is known to modern day taoist practitioners as the microcosmic orbit and it is this which connects the body’s three primary intelligence centres – the Third Eye (spiritual super conscious), Heart (masculine conscious) and Lower Abdomen or tan tien (feminine unconscious).

When the body is free of unnecessary tension, innate desires which are stored in the unconscious (Lower Abdomen) are channelled energetically downwards towards the sexual organs and perineum and then raised up the back of the body towards the rear Heart centre. Here they are transmuted into a finer, higher vibration and are then raised up towards the Third Eye. Once here they are communicated into the archetypal spiritual world and relayed back as archetypal information or blueprints.
These blueprints are then channelled downwards towards the Heart and tan tien as described above and then onwards around the microcosmic orbit. As desires are fulfilled new ones arise automatically from the unconscious and continue to manifest as sensory experience, so long as we remain in Innersense and the body is relaxed.

Will or Surrender?

Until now there have been two exclusive approaches to manifestation. The ‘spiritual’ or mainly Eastern approach tells us to surrender thought and desire – to allow life to unfold without personal identification. On the other hand the modern ‘self-master’ or mainly Western approach tells us to fixedly focus upon the objects of our desires in order to manifest them.
When we identify with either approach we limit ourselves and life. As we remain open in Innersense we’re able to know when it feels right to surrender desire and when it feels right to playfully focus upon it. We must trust this inner sense of what feels right over fixed ideals.
Honour your body’s intelligence by being playful. Experiment with focusing within your relaxed frontal lobes upon the feeling of perfect heath, wealth or love. Continue while it feels good and stop when it feels enough. Too much intention places tension into the body, so we must be conscious enough to know when to let go – to surrender before obsession arises.

1: In modern spiritual thinking the Heart is often erroneously labelled the emotional centre. In truth the solar plexus is the centre of emotion.
The Heart gives us the ability to cut through emotional attachment and make loving, honourable decisions for the good of all.

The Human Condition