It is good and natural to be in the state of abundance. After all abundance is really wholeness in action; the state of no perceived lack or incompleteness, whatever the appearance of things – our natural state.

Being in abundance is giving up investment in wasteful thought and action; slowing down instead of habitually rushing to an imagined better next moment. Ultimately it is giving up identification with a personal self and simply being in Innersense, open in the space around us.

Earthly abundance is here for all of us – though perhaps not in the ways we have come to expect through traditional conditioning. It must be allowed take root and grow, just like the abundance of nature around us. This is why it is important for us to be grounded in the overall sensation of our bodies – to be in Innersense.

The human body is like a tree in its design. The hips represent the point where the trunk enters the Earth – the ground. Everything below the hips represents the roots. The torso is the trunk. The arms and hands are the branches and twigs. The head is the flower or fruit. We are like mobile trees.

Just as trees receive stability and nourishment from Earth, so our intuitions and desires are given earthly form through us being earthed, or grounded in our bodies, all the way from head to feet. Desires and intuitions – which appear in the upper body – must be ‘planted’ in the Earth, in order to receive sustenance and grow to fulfilment. In other words unless we are grounded, our ideas and desires remain frustrating dreams, unable to be actuated and manifested by Life.

Being in Abundance is being grounded in Innersense, right the way down to our feet; to perceive experience with the whole body, rather than remaining habitually incomplete, by being biased towards the mental and emotional aspects of our experience.

Abundance is not a future condition which must be met. It is not conditional upon money in the bank or objects accumulated. It is wholeness – the willing, unconditional investment in conscious Innersense, so that I disappear as a separate person, to be instantly reborn as the whole of life now. This happens over and over again in unconditional Presence, as personal identification is given up and life is allowed to flow naturally to its optimal resolution.