What is life like right now, prior to personal identification? Answering honestly, we can say that there is a state of oneness, or non-separation. We could go on to say that there seems to be something which is allowing the present holistic experience to be as it is, without interference. We could describe this ‘something’ as pure unconditional awareness. We could further realize that awareness and experience are not in fact separate; that there is no gulf or seam between them, even though they can be described separately.

In seeing this we become acutely aware of the limitation of concepts and reference points.

Without using concepts or reference points:
Do you have a body, do you have no body, or do you not know?
Do you have free will, no free will, or do you not know?
Are you separate, not separate, or do you not know?

Without using concepts or reference points, you don’t know. There is great liberation in this not knowing. When we remain truly honest, free from dependency on concepts and reference points, there is only this….

Once the thought destroying truth of this has been realized, do words become obsolete? No, nothing changes except everything. Life is fresh and new now, just as it always is. Living in not knowing allows us to use concepts and reference points far more creatively, playfully and eloquently than ever. We begin to discover the power and authority of language and the effects it has on experience. Used rightly words are seeds of power, planting their desired influence and fruiting as empowering experience.

Even though I don’t know if I have a body, it appears that I do. It also appears that I’m not my body. Practically, where does this leave me?
The human body is exceptionally intelligent. Its biofeedback (how we feel) is its guidance system. The realization that I don’t truly know anything and its consequent opening and liberating effect facilitates deeper awareness of how I feel; not in a self-conscious or judgmental way, but with genuine response-ability, or the ability to respond ever more lovingly and respectfully to myself.

This begins by opening the feeling of the body fully to awareness, incarnating into the subtle, warm, open body feeling from head to feet, front to back and side to side. As we do this, old unnecessary tension begins to dissolve and the body’s network of intelligence awakens and harmonizes with itself.
The body contains communities of intelligence which are designed to work seamlessly together. Prior to conscious incarnation, awareness is limited mainly to thinking / conceptualizing intelligence in the head. There is the sense of a separate me in a separate world, full of separate objects. Instinctive, intuitive and emotional intelligence are marginalized and the net result is a sense that life is incomplete, that I must seek something outside myself in order to be happy. This can never be fully achieved, as outside is only a concept.

Innocence is Innersense